Part one of an interview with Sprite Fright's writer & director, Matthew Luhn, covering the science of storytelling and advice on using humor. #b3d

The PROJECT:TEPUI Kickstarter reached its 1st funding target last night. There are still plenty of the “Field Note” rewards left. For £75 you can commission a page of sketches and notes for inclusion in the book. So if you would like your own dinosaur in the book, read on (1/4)

How did RETO MOTO launch Heroes & Generals to a global audience while staying cost efficient? Read the full story to learn more

Will PROJECT:TEPUI reach its target today? I hope so, because then I can stop spamming you all, and let’s be honest, we all want that. 😉 There are just a handful of the top-tier “EXPLORER” rewards left so please don’t delay if you want your own dinosaur!

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