Unique Features! And YOU decide the main storyline!

Never Ending Realms is an open universe fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) set in a pseudo-medieval world (without guns or canons!) with inspiration from all over our own Earth where the PLAYERBASE decides the main story line!

Never Ending Realms has several features you won't find in other games! Features like the player base builds the main story line, relationships with everything and everyone and more make Never Ending Realm a MMORPG like no other!



Never Ending Realms has no traditional leveling system. You can gain experience with the things you do, but it'll influence your character stats, gathering skills and crafting skills instead of leveling you up to yet another level. Loss of experience is possible too!

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Never Ending Realms is an open universe fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) set in a pseudo-medieval world (without guns or canons!) with inspiration from all over our own Earth. Here you can go on adventures, rent, buy and build houses and do extensive crafting. You can have dragons as (combat) pets and many other creatures as well, and you can build up your character the way you want to, play with friends and have an awesome time!


After a 100-years war, the Torkites, coming from another star system, came with scouts through the traveling portals. Their continuous search for resources to supply their ever-growing demands made them start a war for control of the eight planets they arrived on and they won. They now control all these planets and have taken the people prisoner and put them to work as slaves.

Although the Torkites see their prisoners not as slaves, as one of the captains told me:

Slaves? How dare you?! We don’t hold slaves! We have generously made these prisoners part of our workforce! They can work their way up through the chains and become more than just a part of the work force. THEY might call it freedom, but there is no real freedom. It’s simply a different view on who you answer to and how. I mean, we could have done …. different things with them. I won’t go into any details, but I’ve heard most of our prisoners much prefer this option than anything else.

The Free People see it otherwise and will do anything to free the prisoners, including starting a new war if necessary.

YOU have been taken prisoner as well. Will you work hard and earn your freedom? Will you fight and risk it all to become free? Will you stay where you are, safe and taken care of? It is YOUR choice!

In their never ending hunger for more supplies the Torkites keep looking for evidence of access to new planets, while the Free People do not only work hard to liberate the slaves, but will also do anything to be the first to re-establish contact with other planets and protect people there from the yoke of the Torkites. And they keep on fighting to liberate the planets with which contact has been re-established.

Will you help liberate the planets? Will you help the Free People or do you lean more towards the Torkites and will you help them conquer more planets? It’s all up to YOU!

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I want to use Patreon to involve MMORPG players in the development, testing and building of the Never Ending Realms community. As a Patron you will get exclusive development journals, exclusive in-depth lore articles, early access to the game and a reservation of Never Ending Realms subscriptions for 50% of the normal price! Depending on the reward tier you choose, we reserve a subscription for each month you've been a Patron!